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[-] The flintknapper's workshop
History of Bernard Ginelli, the Prehistory knives maker
Genesis of the website, history of the webmaster
The website and its interface explained
How to buy on this website: the interface explained
This site's contents
Homepage of Bernard Ginelli's flintknapping workshop


[-] About arrow points & necklaces
[-] About bone tools, harpoons & needles
[-] About bow arrows and darts
[-] About bows and atlatls
[-] About chalcolithic knives
[-] About charavines knives
[-] About corner-tangs
[-] About laurel leaves
[-] About leather knife sheaths
[-] About mousterian bifaces
[-] About neolithic axes
[-] About scandinavian daggers
[-] About sculpted knives
[-] About skinners
[-] About swin bladders glue
[-] About the little flint tools
[-] About the toolkits
[-] All the flint creations for sale
[-] Arrow points & necklaces for sale
[-] Available flint knives
[-] Bone tools, harpoons & needles for sale
[-] Bow arrows and darts for sale
[-] Bows and atlatls for sale
[-] Creations section
[-] Leather knife sheaths available
[-] Little flint tools available
[-] Master pieces
[-] Mousterian bifaces for sale
[-] Neolithic axes for sale
[-] Solutrean laurel leaves for sale
[-] Swim bladders glue for sale
[-] The different flint knives types
[-] Toolkits for sale
Arrow points and pendants description
Harpoons and eyed-needles description
Atlatl darts and neolithic bow arrows description
Atlatls and neolithic bows description
Chalcolithic knives description
Charavines knives description
Corner-tang knives description
Solutrean laurel leaves description
Hand-made genuine leather knives sheaths description
Flint or obsidian mousterian bifaces description
Neolithic axes and adzes description
Scandinavian daggers description
Sculpted knives description
Skinners description
Characteristics, use and conservation of the sturgeon swim bladder natural [...]
Small flint tool description
Paleo toolkits, the Prehistory everyday tools: description and content
All you can buy on the website
Flint or obsidian arrow points, pendants, for sale
All the knives, daggers, skinners and Charavines knives currently for sale
Magdalenian and azilian harpoons, eyed-needles for sale
Atlatl darts and neolithic bow arrows for sale
Atlatls and neolithic bows for sale
Access to all prehistoric tools replicas for sale
Genuine leather hand sewn sheaths, the ideal companion of flint blade knive[...]
Everyday small flint tools
Master pieces photo gallery
Flint or obsidian mousterian bifaces for sale
Neolithic axes and adzes for sale
Solutrean laurel leaves for sale
Sturgeon swim bladders natural glue for sale
Knives, daggers, skinners and Charavines knives
The most common Paleolithic tools in one kit: ideal for youngsters educatio[...]


[-] DVD flintknapping volume 1
[-] DVD neolithic knives
[-] Flintknapping special DVD
[-] Ginoogle full version
[-] Ginoogle, the paleo image gallery
[-] Images, videos & DVDs
[-] On-line videos
Bernard Ginelli's first DVD: All about the mousterian biface, the flint bur[...]
Bernard Ginelli's second DVD: all about reproducing chalcolithic knives and[...]
Bernard Ginelli's unveils the secrets of stone tools creations with exclusi[...]
All the Ginoogle images at a glance
Flintknapping and Prehistory pictures search engine
Images and videos homepage: Flintknapping DVDs, flintknapping images galler[...]
All our videos about flintknapping and archaeological experimentation


[-] Knap-in classes programs
[-] Knap-in classes section
[-] Knap-in classes: dates
[-] Knap-in classes: miscellaneous
[-] Knap-in classes: pictures
All you will / can learn during the flintknapping classes
Flintknapping classes home page
Flintknapping classes: location, dates, registrations
Registration terms, daily hours, prices, question & answers: all about flin[...]
Photos of a few items made by the trainees during the previous flintknappin[...]


[-] Chalcolithic knives operating chain
[-] Flintknapping basics homepage
[-] Flintknapping basics: 01 safety rules
[-] Flintknapping basics: 02 materials
[-] Flintknapping basics: 03 flintknapper tools
[-] Flintknapping basics: 04 a little physics
[-] Flintknapping basics: 05 common mistakes
[-] Flintknapping basics: 06 what to knap ?
[-] Flintknapping basics: 07 bifacial retouch
[-] Flintknapping basics: 08 laminary debitage
[-] Flintknapping basics: 09 pressure flaking
[-] Flintknapping basics: 10 other techniques
[-] Flintknapping glossary
[-] Flintknapping section homepage
[-] Frequently Asked Questions
[-] Hide glue with chewing bones
[-] Operating chains
[-] The main knapped tools
The detailled making of chalcolithic knives
Basic requirements before grasping a percussor
A few safety and deontology rules any flintknapper should respect
A short list of materials that you can knap
The flintknapper tools: percussors, abraders and else
How to control the fracture of hard rocks
Common flintknapping mistakes and how to prevent them
A few easy tools that a beginner flintknapper could knap
Bifacial technique with hard hammerstone and soft percussor
Driving blade and bladelets out of a flint nucleus
Pressure flaking explained: how to make arrow points
Miscellaneous debitage techniques: punch, crutch, and so on
Cross definitions of the main 200 terms associated with flintknapping
Flintknapping section homepage
Questions about flintknapping or prehistory ? We might have answers, hints [...]
How to make hide glue... whithout rabbit skin
Howtos of the main flint artifacts or stone tools
Main characteristics of a few flint tools


[-] Flintknapping books selection
[-] Resources section
[-] Websites list & links
The need-to-have books in the flintknapper's library
Resources section homepage
Weblinks about flintknapping, Prehistory, evolution and cutlery



[-] Contact Bernard Ginelli
[-] Contact Cayoo the webmaster
[-] Contact Denis Betoulle
[-] Contact the members of the clan
[-] Knives conventions
[-] Palaïos:The flintknapping workshop in Les Eyzies
Bernard Ginelli's references, address and phone number
Cayoo the webmaster's references
Denis Betoulle the bowyer references
Bernard Ginelli, Cayoo, Denis Betoulle references. Knives conventions and f[...]
Knives conventions: when and where to find us
Visit the the flint knapper's workshop in Les Eyzies: Location, opening hou[...] is mourning

Bernard Ginelli passed out during the night of November 5th, 2018

Fare well pal....